a date in the city | part II

The Great Wheel in Seattle was a neat one-time experience, mostly for the city and water views. 

We stopped at Ivar's for lunch, a place Jeremy had visited with his dad many years prior. He's turning me into a fish eater, slowly but surely.

I can't get enough of the incredible architecture in this city. Everywhere you go there are intricate, unique details. Your eyes just can't get enough.

I adore the ivy covered buildings as well. Washington has so much greenery, and now, I associate that with being home. It's one of the first things you notice when you come into Western Washington, one of the things I find myself missing when I'm away.

This alley was just amazing. I felt like I was stepping into Italy. We tried taking a picture here, but a woman walked out of one of the alley-way doors and kindly said to take our picture, but 40 or so people were on their way out. I jetted after that, I wasn't trying to get stuck in a throng of people, but not before Jeremy snapped a picture of me starting to push my hair back. Hahaa.