a date in the city | part I

We finally had a real date! Without kids. In the city, which is something we've never done. I love Seattle. I love all of Western Washington in fact. This place is amazing.

Anyway, I would say I'm a country girl at heart. Jeremy also loves the country. So when we have free time, that's where we go. That's where we're happiest. It was so much fun to do something different and spend the whole day together though. Just us. We've never really explored this city together before, and while Jeremy has worked there and I've visited a few times, this was a real treat for us.

We wandered around a bit. Exploring. Finding our way to the waterfront, through the shops, and pikes place. We had no real plan the whole day, which made it all that much more exciting.

There is so much to do and so much to see. We spent the day like good ole fashioned tourists (although we weren't stuck looking at maps on the sidewalk like we saw a few times) haha. I already can't wait for more!! We have a few good stories and places from our little adventure.. I am very excited to share with you.. Stay tuned!

Biggest dream catcher I've ever seen.

a genuine Seattle experience. in the rain.