Wedding Planning Projects

I am so excited to be bringing so much of our personalities into our wedding day. Being outdoorsy people, we're adding many rustic elements. We have some great friends who are helping us piece together our diy projects. Some haven't turned out as expected, and others are turning out pretty good. Thankfully, I just photographed a wedding that had a simple rustic theme, and I scored some of their decor for a great price too. Jeremy and I have also been picking up pieces that catch our eye while we're out and about from day to day. I think those are going to be my favorite things, the not really planned ones, but we couldn't resist.

We hosted a BBQ at our house and my bridesmaids helped sand and stain rounds for centerpieces. The guys cut them just before, so we had a steady production line going. It ended up being a lot of fun, and we only stopped because it got too dark out.

There have definitely been some major hurdles over these past few months, as our wedding is fast approaching, and it's taking extra big strength to remember the big picture and continue our focus... until then, one day at a time..