The Little Things | Life Lately

I am often overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with being an adult, a mother, fiance, wedding planning, school, family drama, maintaining other relationships/friendships, work, etc.. because ALL I want to do is PLAY! I'm not incapable of being responsible, I just want to play.all.the.time. Hahaa.

However, I am so very thankful that my work is also my personal hobby and greatest passion all around, while still being my "work." I am also thankful that Jeremy has a similar one that he is working to turn into a career as well. Having this is actually a far greater challenge, because there is NO ONE to tell you what to do, where to be, and pay you money earned. It's all on you. I've spent a lot of time over the past two years studying business and learning that balance. I hope that in a few more years, we'll see even more return.

So when we do have down time (like we do now after a deployment), the smallest things often bring me the greatest joy. Breaking out my big lens while hauling around my big camera for just a simple walk or play time at the park, fills me with so much joy! Why? Well, because I can capture and look back on them forever, images of my soon-to-be husband and kids smiling. Happy. Even our fuzzy children, whom we love and adore. And to always remember, even during the difficult times, we are more often than not, very, very happy.

It's so true how it's the little things in life that have the greatest meaning, representations, and overall purpose in every aspect of life. Whether it be work and taking care of my clients, or spending a day fishing with my man, or sitting down and watching a cartoon movie with my kids that we've watched 176 times already. Those little moments are what people tend to remember forever.

Balance your work and play. It's a challenge, but it is oh so worth it! And then play some mo'.

This dog came running up to Bear, they sprinted around the field
and then both went right back to their owners.  It was so funny!