Summer, please stay

So hey, you absolutely HAVE to check out the ADORABLE photos from our first two days with our 8 week old puppy. Check them out on my blog HERE. Also revealed is the name we patiently waited a few days to come up with. Love it!

Life has been good. Kind of complicated. But good. It's taking some time to really adjust, figure things out, and get past all that happens in the 'stan, and well, I'm not the best at that. I'll be damned if I'm not trying my hardest though. To top that off, add a wedding to it all, and it's a recipe for some overwhelming mild stress, and I'm trying hard to keep that at bay. Life. I guess that's what'd I call it all. Just life happening. Things. People. Mistakes. Adventures. Family. Kids. Responsibilities (yuck!) ;). You know, all that good stuff.

I could go on, but I'll think I'll end it with these super cute photos from today. Exploring the Point Defiance Marina to check launch prices for Jeremy, and then just enjoying summer. Also, I had my first fitting for my wedding dress today and I just LOVED getting to wear it again! It's so gorgeous, and I am so anxious for Jeremy.. and my dad.. to see me in it!! I was so nervous beforehand that my stomach actually hurt! I felt better once the girl up front and I chatted for nearly a half hour, since I was early. Then I just felt so pretty wearing it, and even BETTER when I left without having to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on alterations! Whoo! Only three weeks until my final fitting!

Happy Thursday! Excited for the weekend :).