Our New Addition

Well, we did it! We brought home our newest addition yesterday! Meet our chocolate lab :). We're still trying to find the perfect name for him, but we're all in love with him already. We have another pup, a chow shepherd mix, which I'm sure you've seen here before, who is taking some time to warm up to a new puppy in the house. My Bear is used to being the baby, but I'm sure these boys will warm up to one another quickly. I'm hoping they'll be best pals.

I have taken a ton of photos since we got him yesterday, even had a mini photo shoot (below) as soon as we got him - he's going to grow so fast, I just couldn't resist! The kids are in love with him too, and we're all so excited for our newest baby.

The goal, of course, is for him to be a hunting and fishing companion for Jeremy. This lab comes from a prominent bloodline of master hunters and pointers. Hopefully we can train him well enough. We met his mom too, and she's as sweet as can be. It was so hard to choose a puppy, because, they were all perfect! But I'm sure we made the right decision :). As soon as we arrived at the house, one of his brothers greeted us at the back door (but he was spoken for). We walked down to where all the puppies had fallen asleep in the grass, and this little guy came around to me as I was kneeling down to see them all, and he cuddled up and fell asleep. He just so happened to be the one the breeder suggested for us too. It was meant to be!