Life with a Fisherman

Being in love with a fisherman means a lot of new and different things. Of course, the same can be said for him being in love with a photographer... but we'll save that for a rainy day ;).

Anyhow, we have been crazy exhausted lately (well I have), and really just needing time to recover from being so busy. With that we begin to quickly feel like we're just being lazy when our to-do lists are miles long! Our compromise when I'm too tired to think: take the boat out and drop crab pots - when even fishing is just too much. Haha.

I wanted nothing more than to lay on the That isn't like me really. I like to be outdoors, busy, enjoying my kids and dogs. But today, I slept later than usual and wanted nothing to do with anything. Since I'm not single, I don't really get my way, so I managed to roll out of bed - or in a more realistic manner - I got dragged out of bed. We slowly made our way to lunch, back home to pack and grab the boat, then spend the evening on the Puget Sound.

Jeremy and I managed to get out a small discussion about our priorities, because our projects are stacking up much faster than we can complete them. In all honesty, we've struggled a bit with getting into a real good routine since he's been home from his year-long deployment. We're all comfortable and happy, but we all too easily play with our time and neglect basically everything else. No complaints, but there comes a time when you have to be grown ups and stuff. Yeah. So, we're working on that ;).

Here's a quick glimpse of all that talk into action. Or, at least our reality. My new series called #lifewithafisherman.

Narrows Bridge at sunset