Life Lately | Wedding Planning

Now that we have some adventure in our system, we're able to settle our minds a little. Enough to get into our responsibilities, that I will admit, we aren't always the best at. I mean, road trips and new places are just so much fun! Anyway, Alyx has taken up swim lessons. Finally. And we have thrown ourselves into wedding planning. With two months left, I am eager to see progress as the date becomes increasingly closer.

I photographed a wedding this past Saturday, and it's all I have been able to think about since. I am SO EAGER to see our hard planned efforts come to life! Oh what a day it will be. On the not so great side of that, I can't plan to save my life, so I am really struggling to keep us going. Well, I had been anyway. Thankfully, Jeremy is way better at these things, so as long as I push him with the strict timeline, he is helping make my vision a reality.

We're pushing through the final time sensitive things, and beginning plans for the fun details I simply can't go without! Honestly, I find myself in disbelief that this is a reality for us. I've never been the girl dreaming of my wedding someday, but I have been this past year. I'm so hopeful to do it right. To plan something to be proud of, to hear people talk about what a great job we did.

Organization. Yeah, working on that.

A new routine thing in our family - always at the water. Whether fishing, crabbing, or boating, it's safe to say you'll find us there a few times a week. I adore that Jeremy invites me to spend this time with him. He has invites me along for most every trip, and although it isn't as much my thing as his, we share in our passions together. He goes out with his guy friends too, or sometimes just him and Alyx.

After dropping the crab pot during our errands
today, we caught one Red Rock crab.
Competition was plentiful.

Whether I soak in rays of sun, or wrap myself in a blanket, I have come to truly enjoy that time together and to appreciate the ever moving waters. I look around and see so many men, of all ages, out with other guys or by themselves. Some might prefer it, but I'm happy to be one of the women alongside their guy. I love even more that we share it with our kids too. Alyx is eager to learn, and Kate is always inquiring about her fishing pole, life jacket, and when she'll be in "daddy's boat" again.

Jeremy enjoyed him for dinner. 

Just in love with my flower gardens. Seriously.
...and this summer sunshine. No better combination with flowers!
Unless you include a pup who photo bombs you,
and smells the flowers for a good 30 seconds or more.

"Bubba! Bubba! Don't go too far!"
that's what she kept saying to Alyx as he rode
around the perimeter of the front yard.
She would wave her hand in this "come here" motion as she said it ;).

"Mom, watch this! Now! Did you get that wheely?!"