Tossing and Turning :: Day 365

I've been thinking about going into a shared studio space with other photographers. It's a beautiful space with other talented women, and well, I hate commitment and the (not actually too bad) price tag, but I would love the space. It would certainly open up more avenues for me, but I'm not exactly sure those avenues would be profitable for me. I LOVE the outdoors, and I love working in them even more. It would be a challenge, but I can't really know if it would work out with out going for it, but it is a six month commitment to sign up. What do you think? Should I go for it? Con: If it isn't profitable, I lose out the money invested. Pro: A world of new possibilities.

Seriously, I can grill like it's nobody's business. Hands down, my favorite way to cook!

With just over a week left before Jeremy comes home, I am ridden with crazy energy, happiness, and excitement... but also with overwhelming stress of what to do before he comes home, and how things will be. It's been 15 months since he first left for training that took him to Afghanistan a few months later. I'm so anxious I can hardly contain myself each day.