Open Spaces :: Day 363

Nisqually is one of my favorite places to go locally. From the rivers to the countryside and the wildlife, there is endless beauty. My sister is with us for a little while, so we had fun having her out with us too. The kids just love having family and friends to spend time with! It was hard narrowing down the photos to share with you, I loved so many of them! Kate took her "baby" along the whole way. I adore seeing her nurturing side, it reassures me that I'm doing something right.

The kids loved seeing so many caterpillars. Once Kate caught on and realized she had nothing to be scared of, she was happy to run around and point out all the ones she found.

I love trying new recipes, I began following this blog, and I love the recipes she has. I tried making Calabacitas, and although I overcooked it a little, it was pretty good. I also made my first attempt of corn on the cob, after struggling to cut it off as the recipe called for, we just ate it separate. I didn't think Kate would take to it so well, but she loved it once she figured it out. Alyx loves it too.

As badly as I wanted to go camping this weekend, we're holding out for Jeremy's return to start the camping season all summer long! Not much longer now :). Now to tackle our yard work until he's home!