Jeremy has been home just over a week now. It's been the best week ever. Life is "back to normal" and it feels oh-so-good. We're all visibly happier. Personally, I feel so calm. The stress of his absence had taken it's toll during the year he was gone. I feel almost as if I'm on vacation. You know that relaxed feeling you get on vacation? That's about how I feel.

It's amazing to be a two parent household again. Clearly, I was not cut out for the full time domestic motherhood thing. Which is funny actually, because I'm pretty domestic in general. Plus, I kind of like being a mom ;). Anyway, it took Jeremy no time at all to jump back into our life as a family of four again. He adores his kids, and while I've never thought the dads at the store alone with their kids was sexy or anything, it sure is when I see my man unabashedly take over and take care of our kids. I don't have to ask for anything when it comes to that. He steps in and helps with cooking meals, he gives Kate a bath, helps with potty training, and when I'm extra tired, he takes care of things so I can nap. The best of it all, is he helps me get through any crummy mood I may be in, or any dilemma I may have. He gives me pretty good advice, even if I don't want to hear it. Basically, I'm flat out crazy for my best friend.

This past week has been full of excitement for us. We've made fun of every little thing we've done, even if it was going out to eat or taking a walk. This past weekend brought a camping trip with friends, and if I wasn't so eager to blog right now, I would have a better assortment of photos to share. The ones below are only those shared for my 365 project, and those Jeremy wanted to show off of his fish. Once I have more patience to sit at the computer, I'll share those too. I ended up drowning myself in reading two novels I couldn't put down, in about four days. Hahaa. Oops. So it's back to reality for me!

I'm sending off my latest client order this afternoon and picking up the work pace and wedding planning again. It feels good to get back into the grind with all things normal on the home front. Oh, and since Jeremy's been home, we have been fishing about a half dozen times already. Alyx and Kate are obsessed. Alyx asks if we'll go everyday, and Kate took her fishing pole into the bathtub last night. It's pretty cute.

Have a great week! Stay tuned for more great photos from our adventures!