A Few Thoughts

Jami and I on my 16th birthday.
This photo was taken on my 16th birthday in California, Mo with my best friend Jami Pradar. Just to clear the air - The frog pajamas were a gag gift from long time family friend, Tasha. So I sported them proudly for her. No shame. Haha.

During our road trip from Washington to Florida summer 2011, I got news that Jami passed away. She became addicted to drugs through her mother, who was also an addict. Jami, trying to get clean, left Missouri in search of... well, hope, I assume... but didn't make it. She was on a road trip, and our paths were going to cross in Arizona, where we had begun planning for a reunion. Jami and I hadn't seen one another since freshman year of high school. The last time I saw her was just after our mutual friend, Mandy, died in a car accident at age 15. We had the greatest summer together (albeit Mandy's death) and helped each other through our grief.

Anyway, today she came to mind as I was driving. I'm not sure why, but I began reminiscing what memories I have with her, and the ones I didn't get to have. Even now, my heart aches at her loss. She left behind a sweet little girl, Lola Belle, not even one at the time. I hope they teach her what an amazingly sweet person her mom was.

I pray that my children never endure the heart ache of young loss. That's a life lesson best saved for last.