Warmer Weather :: Day 362

The prospect of summer has us all in good spirits. After getting a taste of spring, then having three weeks of dreary down pours, we have been anxiously awaiting the chance to run and jump outside.

The morning started like usual, with Kate and I waking up Alyx, but this morning as I set her on the bed, she went and laid of top of him. I couldn't stop laughing! Alyx was playing 'hard to wake up,' so we had fun with it :).

Recent discovery: Kate is a HUGE fan of melon. I picked up a huge watermelon the other day, and she ate half of the container I set out for us after dinner. So we've been going at it for snacks and meal time.

We BBQ'd our favorite brats, and Alyx was just too excited to eat outside and put the umbrella up. So we cleaned it all off (the neighbors tree towers into our yard and leaves a ton of debris) and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine we've been yearning for.

Our yellow plum tree in the front yard is starting to block some of our entryway, so after Jeremy and I broke our shears last year, I finally picked up some new ones. Alyx was so excited to "have a job" and cut up the old branches we cut last year.

I love Kate's fashion sense!

Almost there :)