Tested :: Day 341

I'm not sure what it is lately, but I'm convinced I'm being tested. At least, that's the most optimistic outlook for everything going on. If it's not one thing, it's another, and when things mellow out and I just start to relax, it starts all over. So.. I'm being tested (if you believe in that anyway). There were great highlights to my day, but late afternoon managed to hold a lot of stress ready to throw at me out of left field, whether little or big, it was not ideal. There were moments I felt on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I'm so worn out. All I can do is remind myself of where we're at, rest when I can, and count my blessings.

So when the evening rolled around, where we normally would've settled into dinner, we headed out the door so I could photograph an event. Honestly, it was the LAST thing I wanted to do. To top it off, I had to take my babes with me. I didn't get done until almost 10 pm, and I was exhausted. Thankfully, my kids get really silly when they're tired, and had no problem going to bed. Since the photo I took earlier of Kate sleeping (it was so darn precious) accidentally got deleted, I took a series of these two minutes before they were passed out in bed ;). 

Cheers to the weekend!!