So Excited :: Day 352

Our wedding is a mere 3 1/2 months away! I am SO EXCITED! Thankfully, our venue has the icky details covered, and I get to focus on all the fun details :). I mostly worry about my ability to put it all together, but so far, things seem to be going ok. Once my man is home, we can sort through the rest and my girls and I can make them happen! 

What's better is that after talking to my dad and his fiance the other day, it sounds like they are definitely going to be here! My dad even talked about wearing a suit! If you knew my dad, you would understand how HUGE that is. When he dresses up nice to go somewhere, that means wearing a whole t-shirt and shorts with no holes. Hahaa. Florida life. His fiance sent me a picture of heels she got, and was stressing over finding the perfect dress. I am in shock! To have my dad here would be the best thing imaginable. He's never seen my life here, the house I live in, the car I drive - nothing. And I am so excited to share my life with them!

Three weeks. That's all I have left to wait for Jeremy. I can do that :).

After school, Alyx randomly remembered I promised him sandals from when we went to the lake last weekend. We weren't able to get any then, and he suddenly wanted them today. Since I had to stop for gas anyway, I obliged. That, of course meant Kate had to get some too. It was so cute watching them try on shoes together. They were so happy. 

Then we had a few minutes of play time and wearing the new sandals. Alyx has been loving frisbee lately, and Kate loves to run away with it ;).

"Mom, take a picture of my sandals!" "Honey, what am I going to do with a picture of just your sandals?" "Ok mom, here!" ...and I got this cute pose :).