Moments of Impact :: Day 350

Do you often think about the reasons you fell in love with your spouse? What attracted you to them? What still attracts you to them? 

I do. A lot. I know a majority of that is because he's been gone for nearly 15 months, but it's something that's always on my mind. It's also the first question I ask someone who comes to me for relationship advice when their relationship is on the rocks.

I think about the moments that left the memories we refer back to. I remember, as if it was last week, the first moment I ever laid eyes on Jeremy. I remember what he wore. I remember when he knocked on my apartment door from his leave from training in North Carolina before he first deployed. I remember the first time we made love. I remember our first goodbye kiss. I remember the first time I ran to him from a homecoming at the airport (I was too nervous to run actually, so I walked briskly with a big anxious smile on my face). I remember our first over night together. I remember our first private getaway. I remember the first time he played with Alyx. I remember his response to "I'm pregnant" at 3 am. I remember the first time he held Kate in his arms, and the look on his face. These moments... these moments of impact have shaped my whole life. These moments play on repeat in my mind. They permanently sustain my love for him.

The world is truly their playground.

Today. We slept in and slowly got ready for my mother-in-law's Korean church's 36th anniversary. After capturing all the festivities they had during service, I heard drums outside. It took me a moment to realize there was someone playing live right outside. I went outdoors and was pleasantly surprised to walk out to this... and I have to admit, the music was pretty awesome. I'm sure the entire neighborhood could hear! Everyone was so excited!

For those of you who haven't experienced other cultures quite like an authentic church experience, let me explain that it is somewhat uncomfortable when you can't understand ANYTHING. I've gotten better at understanding what people are saying to me in their broken english, but their service is in Korean and the translator devices they have don't always work. Koreans are the epitome of hospitality and dedication. It's incredible how often I'm greeted and welcomed with big friendly smiles, no matter how many times I attend. And the work they put into their church and caring for others is incredible. After each service, there is a big feast. Everyone encourages you to, "Eat! Eat!" If you're seen without food, you're told about a dozen times to eat. Food is always good too!

I've never seen their church as filled with people as it was today. I couldn't understand anything, but I think there were other churches that joined them today. During the feast, the kids and I ended up leaving early since there were crowds and throngs of people throughout their banquet area. I can't say I do super well being pushed around a big crowd of people. The experience was awesome though, and they gave out customized towels. Hahaa. My MIL showed me a manicure set they gave out a few anniversaries ago ;). I love that I'm always asked to take photos for them, and I particularly loved photographing the music this time.