Parenting :: Day 345

As I was prepping some meals today, I was enjoying our home, appreciating our life, and thinking of ways to continue to reuse food and leftovers I wouldn't usually use again. I'm not a fan of leftovers, even though I'm not a fan of cooking every day either. Anyway, making the lifestyle change of not only eating healthier, but being sure to use EVERYTHING we purchase, is my new focus. I've since reused three leftover meals, combined and repurposed them into three new meals - all equally delicious and remade with things I have on hand. I have one more meal left out of it too. I've only spent $16 on fresh vegetables, and the occasional milk and eggs. Our monthly grocery bill has decreased considerably.

Gosh, I sound like the ultimate housewife. Hahaa. But really, it's all lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle is huge. Drastic. To be aware of your short comings and change them, is a struggle. Thankfully, an active lifestyle and good food is in my nature. I'm twisting all the things I learned growing up, making them my own, and fitting them into my own family. There are many other lifestyle changes on my plate too. It's the season! Hahaa.

I'm excited as I've watched the few veggie and herb seeds sprout, and to have Jeremy come home and build a raised garden to put them all in. His mom is decades into gardening, I'm thankful to be able to pick her brain - as well as google ;).

Anyone have any tips or experiences to share?

Happiness is letting them jump on the couch.

Kate's new favorite thing is to go without jammies after bath time, and simply get 'wrapped up.' I love that my kids are so cuddly!

Less than a month to go now! <3