Challenges :: Day 353

I don't want to completely complain about today, but I'm sitting, during what is usually my quiet evening, next to a very exhausted, emotional, and grumpy eight year old. This is a four day school week, so our normal homework schedule has been thrown off. Once we got home from school today, I was thrown into work. So my time for my kids was restricted. Usually they're good at entertaining themselves, and they come to me for breaks when needed and it works out ok. Alyx has seemingly been unable to listen to anything I say or pay attention, which has greatly hindered his evening schedule for his responsibilities, to include homework, which we have now been working on for nearly 5 hours. 

I'm ready to pull my hair out.... Thank God, he's done now. Deep breath.

Did I mention he set the microwave on fire?

Kate with my headphones - she was playing and occasionally watching Cinderella while I was watching a seminar online today. Then as we left, she was walking out the door in her "princess shoes," until she realized walking is still difficult in them, so she turned around to kick them off and trade for sandals.

Only in Washington have I seen people knowingly and willingly wear open sandals when it's cold and rainy. Dude, I don't like my feet and shoes wet while I'm out and about. I always thought that was weird. Hahaa, so when my little girl did it today, all I could do was laugh. She's a true Washingtonian ;).

So I got a little bored while waiting to pick Alyx up from school. The usual line up of cars.

Kate follows her 'Bubba' everywhere.

A box from Costco is an new favorite!

So this evening, while I was waiting to finish my seminar, I uploaded a few images to Facebook, and got an message from a well-known local photographer (she recently photographed Lady Gaga backstage before her concert at the Tacoma Dome), and came to me with a referral. This is the second this month (not from the same person, but both well-known). My first thought, and actually, my first question to the the initial referral was, "Why are you coming to me?" Hahaa. But really, I know they know a ton of amazing photographers, and have some really close in their circle. I'm a crazy skeptic. Either way, I'm happy regardless of their reason. I now have some little connection with these photographers, and I'm thrilled about that. It's all about who you know, right? Anyway, I made my first inquiry about a shared studio space. I'm not sure if it will be worth it for me, but who knows? I'm excited for new prospects in my business and I'd love to have something to bring new clients and to have a real designated work space.

Jeremy is off to his last mission of the deployment, and I am glad he picked it up. Giving him more to keep him busy, for me to focus on, and to help time go by for both of us. We're so close and I'm honestly struggling (more with my business/family balance), but it's only a small matter of time. I just need to keep myself busy and get through these last few weeks. Easier said than done, huh?