Memorial Day

I hadn't planned on writing anything here today. I hadn't even planned on turning my computer on. Yet, I found it necessary as I laid out the morning plans of explaining and showing my son the depth of Memorial Day, even if tears were streaming down my face at the end of our discussion. I started with this youtube video. I know some of you might not like the idea of such honesty of our cruel world with little ones. My hubby and I are both military veterans, this day holds far greater name, meaning, and depth than most. We have countless comrades who we've served next to that we did not get to come home with. This will always be a huge part of our lives, and our children will be raised with the kind of understanding for the history and honor our country upholds - any why. You simply cannot sugar coat it. 

Alyx looked at me with heartfelt eyes, welcomed my embrace, and asked, "Do you want to do something fun today?" I'm so thankful for his maturity, but also his innocence. I hope he always keep a steady balance of the two. 

As we said 'see ya later' to Jeremy again in February, we're anxiously awaiting his return in a few short weeks. The anticipation of such a strong piece of your heart being so far away, never knowing what could happen, finding strength for your children - nothing compares to that. So when the worst outcome does happen, and your homecoming is more like this, you learn to appreciate that strength.

Take the time today to write a letter - a good old fashioned letter and send it to someone who needs/deserves the appreciation. Cook a good meal for someone, give a stranger a hug, send a surprise care package. Whatever you can come up with to slow down, and give someone all you've got. Don't take for granted the freedom we have, because others gave their lives for it.