Life with Kids :: Day 337

I've always worried about how my kids would turn out, so I've made sure to really be on top of everything - from their habits, to the variety in their life. While I feel it is really important to care about how your kids turn out, I realized I've been going about it somewhat wrong. Being so on top of everything hinders their ability to grow into their own individual character. It's ok to give them their freedom of expression, all while shaping the moments in between - and that's what actually turns them into the well-rounded people they will ultimately be. 

April fulfilled its duty of rain showers, and as May hit, the sky cleared and temps rose drastically. It was 85 today! I couldn't believe it. I've done everything to keep us going, stay outdoors, and enjoy our time together. After camping over the weekend, I find myself having to keep up with yard work weekly. I don't mind terribly, but I'll be happy when Jeremy is home so I can focus on my gardens again :). I've been thinking so much about how much better things will be with him here, the adventures, and togetherness. We're getting so close! I'll be seeing him next month :).