Happier :: Day 354

I'm so so so glad that yesterday's craziness didn't turn over to today. It's been an awesome, relaxing day. Well, I'm catching up on editing the last of my sessions, but considering how things usually go, it's considerably relaxing ;). While I edit my sessions, I hang out with this little gal. I sit in the living room while she mostly sits next to me and occasionally runs around the room. I keep my camera close by, because I never know what she's going to do. Her personality is my favorite thing.

Then after Alyx's school, she finished her nap, and then watched a movie with bubba, while I made dinner. See that cute belly sticking out ♥.

Pardon the random break from kids to plants, but the light was considerably great this afternoon despite the rainy weather.. I started a garden this year, after debating it years prior. I more or less mastered my flower gardens around the yard, and was curious about my ability with growing our own food. We purchased seeds we were interested in, and within three weeks, this is what we have. 

The pumpkins grew quick! Along with some spinach, so I upgraded their space a little, but I severely need to figure out something better until Jeremy and I build the raised garden outside, as well as the weather being warmer at night to sustain them. Ideas?

Rosemary, carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, spinach, and pumpkins. It's just a start. I honestly didn't think anything would grow, and if it did, I didn't think so many seeds would actually produce something. Surprise!

I couldn't help it when I saw the geranium bloom again. I've had it for about two years now, from my mother-in-law. If you know anything about plants, this one is an annual. It dies off after each warm season and you plant new ones. Aside from the flowers being gorgeous, I can't understand even a little bit, why people invest in annual plants for their gardens each spring. Especially when there are beautiful perennial flowers that come back each year. No offense if you do this.

While I was cooking, I walked into the living room, and saw Bear and Alyx sitting and watching a movie together. Cutest thing ever. 

Kate also likes to lay anywhere and everywhere. If she has her pillow, she'll say, "Goodnight. I'm sleeping." If she doesn't (if we're at the store), she'll simply lay there and look at you... usually until I pick her up. It's pretty cute.

We're at the start of our four day Memorial weekend. I'm sad to say I don't really have any great plans. My bridesmaids and I are getting together (I'm super excited), but until then, I want to camp!!!! This time last year, my family (Jeremy included) was at Palouse Falls for our first ever camping trip (mine, Alyx, and Kate's very first ever). It got pushed back another week this year, but still one week too short for us to make it. We'll be going again when Jeremy is home though. I can't wait! Anyway, it's been raining quite a bit this week (yay for my gardens!), so I figured we might go hiking as much as we can. I just need to make myself get out. I'm really struggling with doing ANYTHING, because ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT is Jeremy coming home.

You know how in the beginning of a deployment, you feel really guilty for going out and doing things? Well, I'm kind of reliving that again. Not that I feel guilty this time around, butI want him here so badly to do things with us. Anyway, we're under the three week mark now. We can do this, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that we're both feeling like it's too good to be true.

And can I just say once more how thankful I am for my friends? These few girls who I've built relationships with over this past year and a half, mean the world to me. They are the most amazing women you could ever know, and I'm not just being biased. They've made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in this deployment time for my kids and I. I love you guys.

I can't end without saying how much I also appreciate and love my man. This man, wow, he is incredible. I can hardly express enough how much I am truly grateful for him and all he does. Not only does he pull off amazing birthday surprises, but he messages me every chance he gets. He sets up and fixes the internet everywhere he is, and then talks to me right away, along with checking my latest updates. It makes all the difference in my daily life.

I hope all of you wives who go through deployments have even half of that. My heart goes out to you for your amazingness, beauty, and ability to faithfully knock out these deployments! We have a love and appreciation that NO ONE ELSE can touch. Be proud of that!

Here is today's latest LOCAL news story. I had so many friends post on Facebook, how thankful they were that they didn't end up going that route like originally planned. Thank God, no one was hurt.