Faces :: Day 351

The week began. I have been terrible at completing any client work. Terrible. I feel quite ashamed to be honest. I'm doing what I can, but it's like pulling teeth at the moment. I could take pictures all day every day, but when it comes to everything else, I'm slacking like I never have before. It's the whole thought of Jeremy coming home in a matter of weeks, and I can barely think straight. How on earth we've gotten to this point, I have NO IDEA. I remember like yesterday, miserably sitting on the couch thinking we had 8 months to go... and here we are. I can barely stand it. I just want him here. NOW. I'm being greedy and impatient of course, but can you blame me? You see that count above? It's been 351 days since the love of my life left our home. You're absolutely right I want him here.

As I go through the last of these days, we not only say goodbye to the end of a deployment, but also to Alyx's second grade class, and welcome Kate's second year of life. It's been amazing. I feel so very blessed and honored to be here, now. Only a few months ago, Jeremy had sent one of his high school friends my way (on Facebook), as she was going through her very first deployment with her new husband. Now, only a few months later, she is back to her maiden name, and talking about sweet nothings from someone who is clearly not her new husband. I had reached out to her at one point, hoping my connection would encourage and inspire her, but it did not, I never heard form her again. My heart aches for them, yet also, I feel a sense of pride. Pride from being able to find the strength and determination to overcome the challenges of distance in a relationship and know that our love can outweigh anything we face. It's truly remarkable.

So today, I captured some of my favorite things. My kids. Kate collecting a banana on her own for a snack, and then nap time after coming home this afternoon. Afterward, we managed a few quick, yet random shots, because it just seemed right. I hope that when they look back at my journal I left for them, and the images I painstakingly studied to perfect, they appreciate and love them as I do. Nothing compares to the love I have for my little family.

See you soon my love.

I followed this story today, and viewed the photographers work, and even watched the news story live. It's precious.