Deep Lake :: Day 342

Loving these summer days!

Kate wanted nothing to do with the water. I tried dipping her feet in, but she did everything to resist - even though when she saw Alyx take off his shirt and shoes, she asked for her shirt off too. It was so cute!

There weren't many people fishing (sorry babe), but there were two eagles soaring around looking for fish. I was crazy bummed I didn't have a zoom lens on me, I missed a lot of good shots with how close they were.

Darn you, you cute tiny little dog and all your cuteness.

It was an incredibly beautiful day. We bbq'd just under this big tree. I must say, I love having grilling skills anytime, anywhere... and even if I forget 75% of the necessary things needed.

"You coming?"

Yeah, all I really remembered to bring was the food. Oops.

Then just as Mercedes was on the phone with Luke (we had waited all afternoon for him), she was telling him not to bother coming if he wasn't on the way since it was getting too late... I thought I heard his response a little too well, so I turned right around, there he was :).

We took the 1 1/2 mile hike around the lake, and Kate wanted to be carried the whole time (she was really tired), and she gets a bit heavy after a while. Luke was so sweet trying to help out, but it didn't last long. Every time she spotted me, she gave the saddest/scared look ever.

Again, as much as I enjoy these times, I'm always wishing for Jeremy. I imagine him in every moment, how different/better things would be. I just keep reminding myself that we're almost there now. I can't wait to share everything with him again. He's truly my best friend.