It's my birthday & I'll cry if I want to :: Day 348

Let me start by saying - I have the best fiance in the ENTIRE world. Hands down. No doubt about it. And I cannot wait to marry him!! My birthday rolled around, and I'll be honest, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Mostly because I've never been so alone in my life, and well, I just really really miss Jeremy. Like I can complain though, he's spent more than his share of birthdays overseas :(.

He told me awhile ago not to make plans on my birthday, so when I got a phone call a few days ago from him, explaining I'd need outdoor clothes and have an escort through the day, I was really baffled. Jeremy arranged for his mom to watch our kids, and for Mercedes to come pick me up, go horseback riding with me, take me to lunch, and enjoy a spa day together. It was the best I could've asked for.

The days are going by so fast. I have nothing but tunnel vision for Jeremy's return. All I think about is driving to Sea Tac. What we're going to wear, the pictures we'll take, being together, kissing him, and just having him near. I'm thankful the time is flying, but I'm completely on auto-pilot. I don't necessarily want to be though, it's a crazy feeling. Jeremy has one more mission before he comes home. We were sent his itinerary to the states yesterday, and I couldn't help but cry. The overwhelming relief and joy is indescribable.

I rode Mariah. She is such a sweet horse. I can't wait to have one of my own someday :).

We rode along a busy Canyon Road to get to the trailhead. That was interesting. Haha. 

But once we made it, it was gorgeous. I could've been out there riding all day long. The lady who took us out was an older woman, she was quite a character, and very quirky. At 67, she was hopping up and down her horse like it was nothing. I was impressed. I'll admit though, country folk around here are very strange indeed. Su was as weird as she was sweet ;). 

She mentioned about half a dozen times how crazy it was she got a call from Afghanistan, "It sounded like he was right next door! Not a world away!... I've had calls from all over, but never Afghanistan before!... I kept wondering, why are you over there?!" Hahaa.

So I might have been picking flowers along the way, and loving on sweet Mariah. She enjoyed me petting her and our little talks as we brought up the end and conversation wasn't the easiest to hear. We didn't mind :).

Thank you babe for this amazing birthday surprise. I can't wait for these adventures WITH YOU! We're so close to saying goodbye to this chapter and moving onto our life together again. I love you endlessly. Keep safe!