Wide Open Spaces :: Day 325

Hi there!

After racking my brain to figure out how best to care for my son's extreme boredom (mostly at school), I countered with signing him up for a few different type of lessons to fill up the weekday. I've spent so much time on my business and at home, it's certainly taken a toll on us all. It hurts my heart to see him struggle, so my hope is heavily on extra activities curing his ail.

I had initially been inspired to head to the beach today. It's a risk during the week since it's about a two hour drive, and I have to be all responsible and stuff, so instead we headed to the next best - wide open spaces. We started off at some foothill trails and ended up taking trails off the trails ;). When I caught view of our majestic Mount Rainier against bright blue skies, I had to go to where I knew I'd see it best.

One of the trails we took went behind a bunch of different properties, and this one had the most amazing wide open back yard. There's also a river right behind me. Amazing. We also passed by a shabby little white house with a trampoline in the very large privatized front yard, a little girl bouncing around, and her mom soaking up sun rays - for that moment, I envied them. There was nothing but peace, simplicity, and happiness. I love that people still enjoy the simple things at times.

Dandelions are their new favorite thing :)

It brings me so much joy, peace, and happiness to see not only my dog running free and happy, but my babies as well. What better feeling than that? I can't think of anything.

She fell down.. oh this girl and her growing personality. I love it!!

Leave it to Alyx and Kate to find the water puddles in acres of open field.

Happy place :)

Today was great. These pictures make me incredibly happy. I'm anxious for more :). 49 days.