The Little Things :: Day 307

It was so refreshing to be outdoors. We headed out early, ran into rain, but the sun made a statement with few sprinkles during our walk. We visited the Mima Mounds, but wasn't quite as thrilled as the hype lead me to believe. It was interesting and a nice walk, but I wouldn't call it hiking.

As the kids were eating dinner, Alyx and I had a talk about being grateful. How even the smallest things are the biggest to someone. He is learning the importance of trust right now and tends to throw little tantrums when he doesn't get his way, saying he wants trust and to try out whatever he's asking for (smooth move kid). I don't get too personal when explaining things to him, but it was necessary this time. Explaining to him how blessed he is to have all that he does, is something to not take lightly, and I gave him examples from my childhood to show him that it's real. We may want other things, but what we have is pretty extraordinary. It's easy to lose sight of that, everyone does, but it's most important to remember every chance we get and to show those around us.

I spent three hours talking to a childhood friend this evening about everything. She had asked for helps in marketing the business she works for, then we got into motherhood and the things we grew up with that we don't want for our kids (we had similar childhoods). The reasons we work so hard and to teach them through things other than material, because even though our intentions are well, it's sending the wrong message. I've learned that the hard way a bit. I go through great lengths with my kids now to teach them the importance of appreciating as much as we can, and to share that. There are consequences when we don't, even if we don't see it. It's funny how life works. I'm thankful for my kids being able to teach me a lot of these things, or renew my mentality on something I would've let slip before. I hope to surround us with more people like that. To have the little things matter the most. To never get lost or caught up in things that don't actually matter. That even having dinner at the table is something great. Even with that mentality, aspire to provide those things too. To have great things because of hard work.