Sensitive Subject :: Day 310

So the topic was brought up today with Jeremy, hoping we don't go to war with N Korea. Naturally being the upstanding man he is, he's like, "I'm a military age healthy man that's completely capable of defending my country." Of course, I respect that completely. I've been to war, I know. We've both served. I have two deployments, he has three. My thoughts are that if you come back after so many, you start gambling your odds. No one knows what will happen, and while we hope for the best, no one is an exception, and we are no different. I feel selfish saying this because there are so many that have been dubbed our country's greatest heroes. I simply pray it doesn't happen. One war over the past decade-plus, is enough heartache for all of us.

I feel so much pride in my soon-to-be husband, for his courage and bravery in always staying strong and doing what is right. My heart aches for him while he is away, yet am so thankful for everything he is willing and able to do.

I don't let her do this, I turned around for a moment and looked back to Kate taking over dinner. It was too cute not to take a picture of, but she didn't hang out here. I promise.

Safe travels babe. Keep safe. I love you always.