Preparations :: Day 323

Beginning preparations for Jeremy's return is the greatest feeling IN THE WORLD. I can't wait!

Kate got a bunch of clothes, shoes, and toys from Grandma last week - one pair of shoes are Sketchers (croc look-alikes) and now she won't wear anything else. In fact, I put a different pair of shoes on her this morning, so she casually went upstairs and brought down the Sketchers (that she wore up until bedtime) and asked to have them put on. She also asked to try an onion while I was dicing them for tacos this evening (she's tried garlic before too), and I let her. She always spits it out, but it's cute :).

This song came on the radio while I was driving around this afternoon, waiting to pick up Alyx, and as it played, I imagined Jeremy and I - I'll be honest, it made me tear up. I really miss him, and I'm all gushy sad when he's gone. Six more weeks and we're DONE! :)