Love my Munchkins :: Day 303

I took photos for a dentist office today. Hahaa. That was a first. Not my finest work, but it was a job, and is more exposure - which is always the goal. I've had a great variety though, that's for sure. I've photographed sports, events, families, weddings, newborns, kids, parties, couples, seniors... I must say, I'm loving it! I'm certainly not getting bored yet. 
I've been trying to get a book together from last year (I know, I know.. I'm way behind!), and I realized that there is a definite shortage of family photos. Don't get me wrong, there are some, but I want more. Lots more. Soooo, this attempt wasn't my greatest. BUT I was working with the light coming through the window, and a tripod. Not the best combination for that. We did get one good one though :).

The kids seem to grow so much each and every day! They learn so much so quickly too. Just today Kate was eating a string cheese from grandma's, after eating it half way through, wrapping it back up, and handing it to her brother, she wanted it back. She looked at it, then asked, "What happened to this?" She's never said that before. When eating different foods (she's getting quite picky), she'll often say, "I do not like this."Alyx comes home from school singing, "Jingle bells, batman smells.." Like it's a totally new thing! Hahaa - if only he knew ;). He's also started with "Sup!" when greeting his sister, the dog, and apparently his friends. "But mom, we do this too!" as he nods his head at me, "That means 'Hi' too mom!" Oh my my :).

Communication has been scarce lately. Jeremy has been traveling and hasn't had much internet. I get anxious to hear from him. With having so much work lately, I'm at a good place while he's away though. Probably the best it's been since he's been gone. I'm super thankful for everything he's done to get us to the point where we are, and for the opportunity for me to grow in my business. I'm anxious for our life to continue on together. Our wedding is 6 months away and he'll be home for summer, which means lots of fun adventures! Perfect timing :).

Love you babe! Keep safe.