I'm Weak :: Day 313

I find myself utterly frustrated that I'm short on patience as we settle into the last few months of this deployment. I'm at a point where I want to be done so badly. I imagine Jeremy here in every situation and I wish he was constantly. In the military, we'd call it "short timers." You start getting lazy and you let things slide because you know you're almost done, you do what you have to, to get by and none more. It's silly to think I'm in that same position but in such a different situation. Of course, there's nothing I can do but to wait it out and do what I've done these last ten months. But man... I don't want to anymore.

I know I'll feel better once the crummy weather subsides and we can hit the mountains and beaches again. That will certainly be my saving grace, along with appreciating my blessings in the little things. All my work lately has been rescheduled too, so I'm really looking forward to nicer weather.

These lovely little babes of mine certainly take away my momentary pain and I am learning so much from them lately. A level of patience and temperament I haven't had in some time. I'm proud of myself for reaching a better place with Alyx and Kate by my side.