Are We There Yet? :: Day 322

Seriously, how is Kate so grown? How is Alyx so grown? When do these things happen? Because I am with them most every day of their lives. I don't get this craziness. I am constantly amazed. 

Kate got a bunch of clothes, shoes, and toys from Grandma. Piggy slippers were included.

Going on a hot date for lunch... With Alyx and Kate. I know, I know - you don't have to tell me how wild we are!

We cleaned LOTS today! So a game of catch was in order once we finished.

Then organizing Christmas lights for the wedding... Oh, and you know how you like keeping your stainless steel fridge clean and spotless - yeah, me neither.

Kate has impeccable style. She dresses herself most days, and I'm learning to let go and love her style.

I think all day long about the amazing things Alyx and Kate do, and by the time I get here, I can't remember them. Well, I do.. but not like I did at the time.

Alyx's vocabulary is incredible. We have some rough moments, but he's just like me. It's insane how much really. Kate has a great vocabulary as well, gosh, this girl can say everything! She's really smart too. Alyx reads like crazy (I love that!), and Kate follows in his footsteps with everything.

The other day, we were at the dinner table and Alyx got to the usual point of, "I'm full, I can't eat anymore. My stomach hurts." So while at Grandma's the next morning, Kate apparently said it too. Later that day, I heard finally heard it. It was so funny! Since I've had my surgery, she even says, "my back hurts too." Hahaa. Alyx comes up with new silly things to do, and Kate mimics him exactly. Gosh I love them!