Another Day :: Day 327

So this might sound crazy, and maybe even random, but after having a rough few days and getting fed up with communication online, I said goodbye to social media outlet, Facebook. I did manage to delete it for almost a full day, until I got an inquiry about a bride possibly hiring me and wanting to view my page. Hahaa. So I signed back in, told everyone to contact me through email, and I signed out. My page is still there and I might check it once in a blue moon, but I'm done for the most part. 

I have various reasons for making this decision, and in today's society, it's a big one (sounds lame, right?!). But I'll leave you with this commercial - Perfect example for this. Watch it.

Alyx was so amazed that Kate managed to copy him and climb on the gate..

Now he's telling her how proud he is :)