With Grandma :: Day 296

You never know what you're going to end up doing with miss Kate. I adore mornings with this girl :).

Michaela's best friend, Whitney, is in town for a little while, so we had a girls day and explored Tacoma. It was so great getting out and having girl time with these two Cali girls. So much fun! I love my friends :).

Then, at Jeremy's request, I got my mother in law to get out with the kiddos to take some photos. It wasn't easy wrangling these three (plus Baby) along. So I really just went with it. Hahaa, oh the joys :). I hope the kids treasure images with their grandparents. I wish I had photos with mine. They are priceless.

If this boy doesn't at some point do track, I'll be surprised.

Kate loved walking Baby on the leash! She always wants to walk Bear, but he would drag her like a rag doll. It was just too cute watching her pull Baby along.

Anytime we come to this park, Alyx always goes to this spot and pretends to take my order for food. Kate joined him for the first time, it was so cute. I love these two!

Little update on my babes - Alyx is doing fantastic in school. 100% across the board in spelling and math (which in 2nd grade is what they test on that's most important). He's learning priorities and personal responsibility as well as honesty. Those aren't easy lessons to give, but we're finally at a really good point. I'm proud of his efforts and the progress we've made :). He loves to read and play outdoors.
Kate is quite the handful these days. She picks out her own clothes everyday, and throws a fit if I pick out a shirt for her anymore. She fights for me to brush her teeth, and will barely sit to eat regular meals right now. She loves Bambi and Cinderella.