Wedding Venue :: Day 280

Canterwood Golf Course in Gig Harbor is about 15 minutes from our house, so it's very conveniently located for us. Special thanks to Mercedes for coming out with me and helping me with questions, and to look over the site with critical eyes to make sure it would be a perfect fit for us. I believe it is :).

Reception area.

Tent just outside the reception area for additional reception room, dancing, cocktail hour, etc. Whatever we'd like.

Ceremony site.

Girls getting ready lounge space.

Girls dressing rooms.

Girls sinks, bathrooms to the left. Servers will visit us to bring wine, fruit, cheese, or whatever we need. Hey! It's me! ;)

Another view of girls lounge. The men are right next door and have a larger space with a fireplace.

Ceremony site. If we had a larger guest list and wouldn't fit in the designated space, they would move us to the area shown on the right.

The larger ceremony area. The golf holes near the ceremony are shut down for the day.

The tent, patio, and indoor reception are all for us.

Ceremony site. When talking about our backdrop to say our vows, Rebecca mentioned we can bring whatever we'd like, or if we don't have anything, they can help.

The tent can be used for ceremony if we desire. Walls can be taken down as well. The tent can also be decorated to our liking. They have chandeliers to hang in it too.

From reception to ceremony.

Dance floor can be moved if desired.

Hallway leading to reception from main building.

Building view.

Bella and Luke watched Alyx and Kate while Cedes and I went to visit the venue. Such a blessing! I was horrified at the idea of visiting alone and with the kids in tow. They always come through for us!

Once we got back, we headed to lunch.

Luke made Kate upset.

I love her emotions. Kate was playing on my phone and accidentally dropped it, Luke picked it up and gave it back to me. Kate was not happy, so she retaliated with a stone cold pouty face and didn't move or look at anyone, she simply drew with her finger on the table. Luke tried to warm her back up, but she wasn't amused in the slightest. Hahaa! 

Excited for another day out with them tomorrow, and to talk to my babe about the venue. You can't ignore the convenience of having most everything done for you, and it's all of great quality and exceptional accommodating service. While Northwest Trek would be the perfect representation of us, it's hard to ignore the features of the golf course. NW Trek has none of that and we'd have to build it from the ground up (it's also an hour drive from us). We'll be visiting it tomorrow.

I can't wait to have you here to finish all the good stuff babe. Thank you for helping me where you can and deciding what is best for us with me. I'm so excited to be at this point and planning a day we'll never forget! xoxo