Wapato Park :: Day 289

I'm so lonely. I feel as if I'm homesick, but really I'm just missing Jeremy while he is terribly homesick. It breaks my heart. I sure wish there was something I could do to ease him. I reassure him our time is winding down, and we have so much to look forward to! Our wedding is six months away! I am so excited! 

Spring is coming, and I am ecstatic!!!! Washington's spring and summer is by far the most incredible ever, mostly because you've spent the last nine months under gray skies and rain, so you really learn to appreciate the good weather out here. Plus, that means summer, and summer means Jeremy :)... and camping, and almost our wedding day, and that he won't be leaving anymore!

Kate spends Monday's with Grandma, the kids absolutely love being with her - mostly because she "says yes to everything we ask for." So when I came to pick her up this afternoon, I found them both in the same position kneeling near her garden (sadly, I missed that picture). After I ran and grabbed my camera, Kate came running for me :).

She kicks the little green ball, and Baby fetches it. Cutest ever!

Two peas in a pod.

After school, I just had to get out with the kids. So we visited a park, new to us, and loved it! Tacoma is filled with so many hidden gems.

Be still my heart.

So no joke, as we're walking, Kate spots this tree, climbs into it, then peeks out at me, "tree. tree, mom, tree."

Couldn't be happier.

Another tree. Apparently she loves to climb in trees!

I wonder where they get this from... {I may have been a bit of a tree climber as a kid}

I've had a hard time finding friends for Bear, even though we're surrounded by dogs in our neighborhood, our neighbors aren't very social. I needed to socialize my boy in a bad way, before I eventually regretted never doing it. So I just began taking him everywhere. He hikes, walks, runs, and plays as often as possible. After months, he's finally in a really good place, and I am one proud puppy mama! The park was very populated today, not one bark from my boy. He sniffed a lot of people and dogs, but there's no shame in that for a pup. Oh, and by the way - Happy 3rd birthday to my pup {as of yesterday}. Ok, so his birthday is actually in January sometime, but we got him St Patrick's day three years ago, at two months old, so that's our time to celebrate. Kate rewarded him with lots of 'puppy treat. just one,' is what she says when asking me to open the bag so she can get one out for him :).

Loving all the beautiful buds! I'm so excited to see my yard filled with tulips, lilac, crocosmia, and all the other pretty stuff getting ready to make an appearance. Be prepared for LOTS of flower pictures!!!

Kate is really coming into her own personality. I see it more everyday. Today she insisted on wearing the skirt, but also wanted pants, thankfully we compromised. But you'll often find her off the beaten path and going her own way. While Alyx has always been in my wake and has taught me so much, Kate seems to be following her own little direction, and teaching me in a whole new way. I'm so curious to continue watching my little ones grow!

Less than three months to go! We love and miss you every moment.