Our Little Ones :: Day 283

Alyx got Cheetah of the Week in his classroom. He gets an 'All About Me' poster to display in the classroom all week long. He set the papers aside, so I didn't see it until last minute, so we quickly threw it together. He was happy, and I enjoyed discussing his favorite things!

I wasn't feeling so hot today, so Kate and I took it easy and enjoyed the quiet afternoon.

She asked for yogurt for lunch and decided to eat it with her fingers.

...then she got tired.

It is so cute when she drags her blanket, or sometimes pillow, along with her. Lately, it's this blanket. And when we're at home, she doesn't want to wear pants ;).

Reading before nap time.

Alyx loves to be tucked into bed, so out of habit from him, I did it to Kate one night, and now she loves it!

Hehee. I love her mohawks :).

Come on spring!