NW Trek :: Day 281

Our first trip to Northwest Trek with Luke and Mercedes was a hit! We didn't get the sun and warmth we were expecting, and instead had rain and low 40's. We enjoyed it though and it really gave us a true authentic experience. Alyx and Kate loved the animals and after the tram ride, we walked around the park to view the animals, Kate loved running from one place to the next, while Alyx hung next to Luke and talked about all the different things he saw.

Our first animal siting as we headed to the tram. My first moose!

There's a small house across Horseshoe Lake, that is used to be inhabited by the owner of the property. It's also the location that the wedding Christy did last year. It isn't one of the places offered on their website, so I'm assuming it was a personal connection. While the park was really incredible, it's not really fit for a wedding venue. I can't say I'm disappointed to not have all the extra work to do. I believe we'll be very happy with our final choice :).

The amount of sheds laying around the property was incredible. Jeremy would love that, although he'd want to take them all home ;).

Kate was so excited to get to the next area to see what animals were there. Then it was hard to take her away. As we were walking from each place, she would stop at the signs (like the one on the top right) and pretend to be reading them. She would walk away, then go back a couple times before finally moving on.

Barn owls look like vampires, if they were indeed a bird. Creepiest ever. Not a fan.

These little figurines were so cute! I almost bought one, but talked myself out of it.

We discovered they do small photo tours in an open cart. I'm excited to schedule one with Jeremy when he comes home, and share this experience. There have a zip line and other fun activities to enjoy, so that'll be on the list too :).