More Engagements!

We have finally received all of the photos from our engagement session with Christy! I knew it would take a great photographer to make me comfortable and happy with the outcome. While there are some I really dislike, there are even more that I absolutely adore! It's crazy to look at yourself in a beautiful photo and realize it's you. I've never really had professional photos taken of me, so it's a new experience being on that side of the camera. I must admit, I love being lovey with my man and have it recorded for all time! I could not be more excited, anxious, and ready to marry this man! He's forever mine!

Here are some of my favorites :).

Here are the first set we received that I loved and blogged also - /alyxandkate/2013/02/engagements-save-dates.html
and more here:

and in case that isn't enough for you, here is my favorite country song ever! - basically it's everything I want to share with Jeremy, because it's exactly how I grew up, and exactly how I want to raise my kids :)