Here's to Hoping :: Day 278

After getting my last few photo sessions done, I'm turning my attention back to our wedding. It's been a rough road, and I'm praying with all my might it works out! Last week we were talking about post-poning it (which would mean a year or more), and now we're talking with numerous venues and trying to line things up perfectly. It's not easy by any means. When things we were planning started to not work out, I became so discouraged and felt like this moment we've been waiting all these years for wasn't really going to happen. Before I let it get the best of me, I have to make sure I give it my all. If then, and only then, it doesn't work out, then well... things happen for a reason.

I'm loving these longer days and beautiful sunsets. The idea of spring is so wonderful, but summer, summer is where it's at! Can't wait!

Alyx's school hosted Jeff Evans, a magician. It was a cute little show and the kids loved it!