Happy to Work :: Day 273

How freakin' sweet are these faces, huh?! 

I'm so happy to have a work schedule this month! It's been pretty low key throughout the winter. But as I'm building my business, it was off and on throughout my first year. I only pray that the growth I've made shows this year! One thing is for sure, the amount of compliments I've received about my work in general has grown significantly and while I can be super hard on myself, it's boosted my confidence quite a bit! I see the photos I take now, and my heart leaps for joy for the moments I capture. Like really, did I just do that?! I love it.

I'm apart of this photographers group on Facebook, and one girl asks, "Why are you a photographer? Why did you make it a business?" Over half of the responses have been, 'I'm not passionate... I hate business... To make money.' My jaw dropped. Really?! I had no idea so many people who were behind the camera were so bitter and disliked it so much. It's not like this business chooses you - it's not like you're deployed, facing combat, at risk of losing your limbs or life. Wow. I can't speak for those crazies, but I LOVE being a photographer. There are times when it's challenging (what isn't?), but isn't that what makes it worth doing, what makes you better? Doing something with no challenge, nothing more to learn, that was completely easy, would be oh so boring! 

Even if you aren't in a job you love - kind of like dating - you're aiming for the bigger picture, your ultimate goal. You're going through all the crummy ones to gain experience, to better learn what you want. Think about what you wanted five years ago compared to now. Different, huh? Experiences changed that. Most of us are happy for that. I am. 

I can't thank my man enough for always pushing me, giving me confidence when I had none, and supporting me above and beyond. So many times I've wanted to give up because I felt like I couldn't do it, I wasn't good enough, and running your own business with two kids while your hubby is deployed is HARD! Waaaaah! But seriously, he's been my rock - THANKS BABE!