Happy Kids, Happy Mom :: Day 277

These past few days with Alyx and Kate have been ideal. Alyx is doing great in school and Kate is a joy to have around during the day. I truly cherish my time with them and am so thankful to not be completely alone during this deployment. I'm finally finding a sweet place in our lives to really settle into, find happiness, and build upon. It's not easy by any means, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I met with another talented, successful photographer today. It was great spending time with someone who values my work, and who's work I value. I hope to be pairing with her in the future to add something a little different in our businesses. I'm truly uplifted by the prospect of successful business, doing what I love (and being good at it), and building a foundation for Jeremy to begin his desired career. (Sorry I missed your call during that babe).

I know this year marks so many great things and I am anxious, but not in a hurry, to see where it all leads.

I love you forever! Muah!