Gardening :: Day 297

As I was going through the photos from today, and those of most every day, there's one thing I've come to realize most. Alyx is growing up too quick. I mentioned a few blogs ago that I need to spend more one on one time with him, as I feel like I'm with Kate a lot (therefore, have a lot more photos of her). It's true though, he's at school for 6 hours of the day, and while Kate is normally right beside me (or occasionally her brother), Alyx is off doing what he does. He's only eight years old, and I'm already fretting about his time away from me. That's incredibly silly considering his time away is in another room, or playing while I'm gardening, etc. I miss his little self. My baby boy has turned into a not-so-baby boy, and soon, a young man. Before I want to break down and freak out, I'm thankful to have Jeremy by my side, I'm not sure I could handle it by myself!

We took Alyx to school and stopped by our favorite plant nursery on the way home. I've been anxious to get flowering trees for a few years now, and since spring has arrived, I simply couldn't wait any longer. Jeremy said ok, and that's all I needed :).

I squeezed two trees into my Jeep. I now have flower petals all over :).

The process of planting with my baby girl...

I'm in love with my new trees! A cherry blossom and a snow fountain weeping cherry tree. Eek! I can't stop looking at them! :)

"Kate, will you stand by the tree so we can send a picture to daddy?"

Just over two months! I'm ready now! Oh, I can't wait to have my man home and back in my arms where he belongs!