Cuddly :: Day 293

I had a totally wonderful non-rainy photo shoot today! I was in heaven with the sunshine and super cute girls I photographed (see here). The best part is that Alyx and Kate were invited! I've never had them along before, and it was pretty awesome. I had to wake Kate up when we got to the park, and she was clingy and whiny, which made my work very difficult. Thankfully, it simply worked out, and by the time we moved to the second half of the session, she was comfortable, happy, and making friends. Alyx loves other kids, so he helped out and did so well!

Then it was pizza and movie night. Alyx got to redeem his book-it and we rented 'Wreck it Ralph.' Cute flick.

My cuddly little things 

Wedding planning is in full blown procession! I am too too excited! AND Jeremy is less than three months from coming home! YAY!