Baby Chickens :: Day 298

In preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday, I wanted to step out of the traditional, what-everyone-else-is-doing portraits of my darling children to commemorate the holiday, and more importantly, this time in their lives. So when my sweet friend Katie said her and her hubby added baby chickens to their growing family and farm, this seemed like perfect timing! I was so happy to receive her invite, not only to spend time with her, but to get out of the city. I crave these open spaces, and for something different to add to my day as often as I can. We scheduled it out and spent a Wednesday evening together, praying for the rain to stop, only to be blessed with beautiful brilliant sunlight as the sun was setting.

We laughed at the kids and all their cuteness, Alyx oohing over each little bird, 'Quite Black,' and 'Crazy Flier,' were some names he chose - and Kate, completely horrified of the cute little fuzzy birds.

I took quite a few photos, but I want to save those for a special 'merry easter' post on this blog. It's also pretty late and I need to get to bed before I regret not going to bed at a decent hour, especially when my little ones are demanding the moon and stars first thing in the morning. I am not the best morning person. 

So real quick, here are some photos of us waiting for the rain to pass, and then after we ate pizza that Katie brought for us :).

I got to talk to Jeremy today for the first time in what feels like a long time (maybe a week?). He's off traveling the countryside of Afghanistan, patiently waiting and working for time to go by. After such a great leave, we're ready for more! 

I'm glad to have friends to spend it with, an incurable sense of adventure, and an up-and-coming business to keep me going.

Until next time... :)