A Little Life Lesson as a Mother :: Day 274

Growing up, I always had boundless freedom. My brother and I left to play in the morning and didn't come back until dusk. We rode our bikes for miles, made new friends, and had the time of our lives! Now that I'm a mom, I can't imagine giving my kids that freedom. Mostly because we live in the city, and I don't feel that any part of any city could be considered really safe. But today as Alyx was out riding his bike and I was pushing Kate on her tricycle, I felt myself wanting to yell at him to come closer, don't go so far away, come here - come here! Until it dawned on me that the streets were empty, we're right by our home, and I'm right out there with them. I told myself not to worry so much and let him have fun. I did. He did. It made me a little sad to realize how tight my reigns are. I could go on and on about my experiences growing up that I feel made me this way, but Alyx is just like me, he craves that freedom.
Although, I will admit that I'm looking forward to someday having property of our own. A place to let the kids roam around, a place to walk with out worrying about traffic or strangers walking nearby. We are so blessed in our little corner of the world - our darling home, our wonderful kids, and each other. But we keep dreaming, and working, and reaching each goal.

Alyx practiced riding with no hands. He loves riding his bike, and couldn't have been happier! When I first squeezed Kate's helmet on her, I couldn't stop laughing to take a picture! I think it's time for an upgrade. Hehee. She's still figuring out how pedals work, so I had to push her all over, she wanted to 'go dat way,' after bubba.

I must say, I love having (and taking) beautiful pictures of my kids all the time. I'm a little saddened that I hadn't figured this out when Alyx was a baby, or even when Kate was a newborn, but better late than never, right?! :) Now to get to work displaying them and making albums! That used to be my favorite thing to do. I'd sit for hours with hundreds of photos scattered all over the place :).

"Who loves daddy?"
"WE DO!!" ... "no me."