Winter Sunshine :: Day 250

Kate is bonding with her daddy so well. She has her moments of brattiness, confusion, or only wanting mommy, but she is warming up to him so beautifully. I love them together. I'm constantly reassured that I have a wonderful baby daddy :).

While running errands this morning, they played in daddy's "big truck," as Kate calls it. She loved getting to push all the buttons.

Sunshine in Washington makes everyone who lives here happy as can be. We are no exception :).

As we went out for a late lunch after stealing Alyx away from school a little early today, Kate decided it was nap time and spent the remainder of it on Jeremy's shoulder. I love this feeling.. cuddling with your kids will always be a treasured moment, as you know it simply won't last long. For Jeremy, it means so much more, because his time is more precious than most.

I'm not big into seafood. After a mildly bad experience when I was a kid, I pretty much swore it off. That is, of course, until I fell in love with a fisherman. Now, I will try only what he makes, as he knows what I can handle. However, I do love good fish and chips from time to time, so he took advantage of my craving and we went to a new place for some.

Happy men.

I don't usually share my landscape or non-family images on this particular blog (check out my facebook page for more of those), but these places mean a great deal to us. The lake photo a few images above is of Steilacoom Lake while on one of our favorite back road drives. We plan to explore it more someday. The water below is of the Puget Sound with the Narrows Bridge in the background, as seen from Titlow. The first apartment I had here in Washington is minutes from here, and that's where Jeremy and I met. Also during that time, Alyx and I used to frequent the park nearby here when he was just three years old. They have since rebuilt the park, and it tears my heart as I don't care much for change, but I love the memories here.

So before and after our lunch, we took full advantage of the sunshine and played outside :).

Then we saw three incredibly cute beagles sitting on a picnic table outside.

Finally before heading home for the day, we drove by the waterfront. Jeremy's memories go back to being a small child here with his dad, and mine go back to my first years in Washington, most with Jeremy. We've had many late night walks, talking to fisherman, runs, lunch and dinner at the waterfront restaurants, as well as time spent with family here. It's minutes from home and is as beautiful as can be no matter what time of year. I feel blessed to be here.

Every moment right now is the best of my life. Having your family complete after a long term and long distance separation is more than I could ask for, it's everything I could ever ask for. Few people can understand the love and closeness we share, but it's ours. I would wait an eternity for him (Lord, please don't make me though). Once you come to that point, you know that what you have is untouchable, irrevocable, and will stand the test of time.