Nothing Makes Me Happier :: Day 249

As much as I have a thousand things to say about how I feel, how my life is momentarily changed, the amazing man by my side, my wonderful kids, and even all my troubles... I find myself short of the right words to say when it comes to explaining my days with Jeremy home right now. Life without him leaves me being not quite as miserable as I feel, but miserable nonetheless. Then to one day, wake up and suddenly it's all just gone.. how do you find words for that? No stress, no misery, loneliness, sadness, etc.

Visiting his mom for the first time.

Getting his truck ready to run again.

Kate loved watching daddy work on his truck!

And I loved walking into our bedroom and seeing him bundled up and snoring. I sleep on the couch while he's away. It was something that started when he left a few years ago for Latvia while in the Marine Corps. He was only gone a few weeks, but I would stay up late watching TV to help me fall asleep each night he was away. It's kind of been my thing ever since.

Feeling him next to me every moment is pure bliss. It's no more or less honeymoon phase than we ever have been, and I love that. We very quickly fell right back into the way we do things. I know how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful man by my side, and I often wonder how I became lucky enough to get one :). Stop looking, that would be my advice... he found me that way.