Love, Love, Love :: Day 262

I find myself in ups and downs more than I'd care to admit. Life is good, I literally cannot ever complain. And yet, I still find myself dreaming of far off places and wishing I was somewhere I'm not. I feel guilty at times for that. I've heard many times that people admire how far I've come. Yet sometimes it doesn't seem far enough. So I try to find a balance and find my center, get closer to what matters, live what I love. Forget the rest. After days like today, it's easy to get lost in our love, lost in our life. It's so sweet. It's not perfect, don't get mistaken, but it's everything we make it.

I love our ice cream dates :). Normally it's froyo, but they were all closed.

I'll be honest, yesterday was cloudy and sprinkled off and on, so when I woke up to a breathtaking sunrise, I knew I was going to be wishing that we'd done our engagement photos this day. Obviously I couldn't have known when I booked months ago, but every photographer dreams of capturing that perfect light, and today we had it. Bummer.

After picking Alyx up from school, we needed to get home to start dinner. I was tired of running around already, but I couldn't help but notice the killer clouds that were going to make our sunset incredible. So naturally, we stopped to catch a good view.

While we were stopped taking pictures together, a family came by to enjoy the sunset with us and offered to take a photo of us together. I thanked them and walked off to play with the kids while watching and photographing the sun set. A few minutes later, Jeremy overheard them talking about taking a family picture, so I stepped in and offered to help them. They only had a cell phone, so I told them I'd email their photos on my camera. They were so appreciative and I felt humbled to capture them together (their parents were from out of town). Good deeds :).

Alyx found a little spot nestled between some trees on a little hill. They played and laughed, and were good while we admired the sun going down. They're amazing.

We went razor clam digging last weekend, and after doing the research for what to do with the clams, Jeremy suggested clam chowder (his favorite). So I offered to make him some, as long as he did all the stuff up until the point that I throw it in the pot. Deal! It was delicious - or so they said. I am not a fan of seafood. I know it breaks his heart sometimes, but I just can't get past my hang up just yet. Maybe someday.