I Never Want to Forget :: Day 270

I finally heard from Jeremy! I received a few texts while I was asleep, letting me know he arrived in Amsterdam, and then again this afternoon when he was in Dubai. His absence is already felt, the amount of missing him in our house is immeasurable! After putting the kids to bed last night, I cried. I'm not a super emotional person, but when it comes to missing my man, there's no holding back. Life is so great with him, and well, I just love him so very much.

Today is Michaela's birthday, so Kate and I had the honor of treating her to lunch! I love indulging in a pregnant woman's cravings (mostly since we're done with that fun stuff), and since Michaela is always there for me, it's the very least I could do. I'm so very thankful for friends like her! It just so happen though, that she is due on our wedding date. I'm very happy for her, but sad to lose her as a bridesmaid. However, I fully intend on marrying the man of my dreams and then heading to the hospital to welcome her little baby into the world! I just love babies!

Alyx and Kate are feeling the full effect of our first full day without Jeremy in three weeks. Kate woke up from her nap after picking Alyx up from school, once we stopped for a moment, I looked back and saw them holding hands. I love that they find comfort in one another. I'm so thankful for them.

Jeremy is already missing home fiercely and doesn't want to be away, so our goal is to stay as busy as we can. I was happy to receive a message from him saying that he is never leaving again! I hope I don't embarrass him too much by sharing this, but I wanted to share something that he wrote to me that I never want to forget (I bug him all the time asking why he loves me, this was my favorite response) -
This was a text from him awhile ago: "Life is so much better with you then it could ever be without you!!! Even little things like taking a shower or going to bed at night are so much more enjoyable with you. I love your company and the way you love me and how you love the things I love too. I always wanted someone I could share adventures with and talk to about anything and even just sit quietly and hold hands. With you I can do all those things and so much more and I know that no matter what I do in life you will support me and be proud of me and always love me just the way I am for exactly who I am. And I feel the same way about you! I will always love you and support you and rub your feet when they hurt. I love how you laugh at my jokes and listen to me when I need to bitch and you let me be who I am. And your naked lovins are amazing too!"

Hehee, I love you baby! xoxo