I Love These Days :: Day 251

I swear I have two kids, but with Alyx being at school during all the highlights of our days, Kate is the center of our attention during those times. Since we haven't been able to spend much time with him more directly, I convinced my man to take off on an adventure for the weekend! I'm so excited! Of course, with that comes compromise... he's going glow ball fishing all night. I know he's just as excited to get into some steelhead as I am to find those snowy owls! So for our sake, I hope we both get what we want :).

I haven't been able to part with my camera since picking Jeremy up at the airport. From stores to restaurants, walks, I simply don't care where we're at. Lifestyle photography is a big trend right now that just might be sticking around, mostly due to its convenience and intimacy. I feel like I've taken it to a whole new level at this point. I love it!

Trips to the hardware store and lunch with friends.

Kate kept giving us the cutest smile in the truck. She plays games with daddy, "I'm gonna get you." Then she'll tell daddy, "Mommy get you." and I proceed to tickle daddy. Then she'll say, "Get me. Get me."

Along with the long list of things I absolutely love about Jeremy and having him home, looking over (while not having to drive everywhere) and seeing his face makes me happier than ever! I'll get to that list soon :).

So excited for the weekend! I am so in love with our crazy beautiful life, and I am quickly reminded of how different it is when we aren't whole. Deployments teach you an appreciation that isn't possible to have otherwise. This being our fourth one, I have a greater appreciation and respect than ever imaginable. Granted, it's with great sacrifice, but I wouldn't have it any other way.